Who is Paul

Paul was born in 1974 and spent the first months of his life in a children’s home in Dublin.  After being successfully placed with his new adopted family, his huge interest in all  music related things became quickly apparent. At the age of seven Paul started to play  accordion: The most un-cool instrument on the planet. After school was completed, an  unsuccessful attempt was made at third level education. It was quickly apparent that  performing was much more rewarding. The accordion was not so uncool after all….  

In 1994, Paul moved to Germany ,where a hectic few years were enjoyed working in the  music circuit all over Europe. It was at this stage that Paul first experienced visited Switzerland, where he lived for a year, and is to this day one of his favourite places to  work and enjoy time with his family.  

In 1999 Paul bought his first bar, the well known music venue in Frankfurt, called An  Sibin. It was a roaring success where many touring performers attended after show  parties until the early hours. Paul turned An Sibin into the No.1 location in Frankfurt for  live music and private events. Another DJ orientated bar opened in 2002. A  few years later, just before the football world cup, Paul and his future wife sold both  venues and moved to Marbella.  

Working for a travel magazine would have never even crossed Pauls mind, but that is  exactly what he did. Music was never far away though and he quickly got a job managing  a radio station called Linx FM. It was a nice change from the hectic days and nights in Frankfurt.  

In 2005 Seabreeze Productions contacted Paul and asked him to work on a  series of concerts at the Costa del Sol. His role here was beeing an artist liason. It was  a fantastic job which gave him the opportunity to work with Lenny Kravitz, Elton John,  Rod Stewart and Jamiroquai. Paul learned a lot workingwith the best people  in the business. Working with Andy Cotton from TAO on these events proved to be  invaluable later in his career. Seabreeze Productions came to a rather sudden end with  the untimely death of John Colletta, the director of the company. Paul then took a PR job  in Dubai. This gave him more invaluable experience working with arabic and  russian clients.  

In 2008, after the birth of their daughter Coco, Paul and his wife returned to Germany  where Paul set up Craggy Entertainment and later Craggy Hush. Pauls expertise and vast  experience in several countries have made him one of the best in the business.  

Paul enjoys as much free time as possible with his family. They spend several weeks each winter in Switzerland and summer in Marbella. Traveling is the number one hobby but  skiing, golf and tennis are all part of down time in north Germany.